Summary Tax Data

All States

  • This data is based on the individual tax returns filed with the IRS.
  • It contains aggregated individual line items, such as Salaries & Wages. No individual taxpayers are identified. Top range is $1 million and over.
  • Filter data by income range (based on adjusted gross income).
  • See all states or filter by Census Divsion.
  • Data for 2012 – 2020 tax returns.


  • Summary tax data  for Massachusetts counties.
  • Contains maps and trends.
  • Data for 2010 – 2020 tax returns
  • Filter by income range.
  • 2018 data has more than 70 line items.

Cities and Towns

  • Summary tax data for Massachusetts cities & towns. The raw data is shown by ZIP codes, which we assigned to the correct muncipality.
  • Data for 2012 - 2020 tax returns.
  • Filters by Income range, based on AGI, top range is $200K and over.
  • Sort by county or community sub-type.